American Bison - 13,000+ Years in America
American Bison - 13,000+ Years in America
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Joe Toledo - Renowned Artist of the American West specializing in the American Bison.

Artisan of the American West - Joe Toledo

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! purchased from us in the Fall of 2021 Joe also purchased a Western Vest for himself and some months later 2 more vests as Christmas gifts for his son.

Joe Toledo specializes in water colors depicting the American Bison, Wild Horses and still life images of Native Americans in their natural settings 

Joe himself is a full blood Native American Indian from the Jemez Pueblo. Thus his love of the American Bison (Buffalo) and all aspects of the frontier American West.

Online biographical information includes the following excerpt:

"...member of the Towan tribe. Known for painting with rainwater and using no black or white pigments. Award-winning (Red Earth Festival, Santa Fe Indian Market) artist, noted as having works in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. He earned a masters degree (Univ. of Northern Colorado)..."

Joe has done a number of commissioned works for Pendleton Woolen Mills.

 Artist Profile: Joe Toledo

A native of the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico, Toledo paints what is solace for him; the quiet power of the eagle feather, the stateliness of the bison, the protection of the eagle feather, the passing harmony of a weathered barn and equally weathered land.

Toledo has chosen watercolor "because it is spontaneous and unpredictable." So too, the artist and the man. The images of his eye become thoughts on paper placed there with the extraordinary and sensitive ease which is unique to his brush.

Toledo received his Bachelor's degree from Southwestern College, Winfield Kansas and his Master 's from University of Northern Colorado, Greely. He settled in Colorado where he retired after 25 years as an art teacher.

Joe Toledo's absorption with life and painting is rich as the sun which pours down on the Southwest
Colorado landscape that is his home. It is what makes his works treasures in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada , and Europe.

For those in learning more about Joe's fabulous work, he can be contacted in reference to same:

Joe Toledo
Tiffany, CO
577 C.R. 325 Ignacio, CO 81137


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